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Keno Way Tickets

There is nothing different between a keno way ticket and a straight ticket from Keno. The only difference is in the cost. The keno way ticket is cheaper when compare to straight ticket. The other major difference between these two tickets is that in case of a way tickets you are allowed to pick up multiple numbers whereas in a straight ticket you are given the option of choosing the number that you want. That is the reason why keno way ticket is cheaper than way ticket. The way ticket could be useful for those who believe in having a different set of numbers for each game that they will be betting upon. On the other hand a way ticket could be useful for those who believe in choosing one number across all games. This is usually chosen by those players who have belief in numerology and would like to bet on one single number on a particular day.

Further having a way ticket you can use all the numbers in a particular session and you can use the same for different games. However, you are not permitted to use keno way ticket for using the same number for different games. A number that has been used once is killed and cannot be used for the next game. You have to choose a different number and so goes the process till all the numbers have been exhausted.

keno way ticket could be useful for those players who wish to try their luck with different combination of numbers for different games and could be very useful for games that have higher payoffs. For example if the payoff is 10 times the number that has been wagered then it would be advantageous for the customer to place a bet on a higher number so that he can win a higher amount.